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Who we are ? What we do?

Brits Energy, as an energy solution provider is trying to help different industries and enterprises finding and deploying green and efficient energy solutions. Having years of expertise in energy requirements of different business, company offers total solution aiming to fulfill 360° power needs of its customers. Evaluation, design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance constitute Brits Energy’s service portfolio to tailor bespoke products and solutions for VIP customers.


Energy Management Consultancy:

We offer this service to varieties of industries referring to
best practices of similar businesses and expertise from previous projects to find out issues and trying to resolve problems and optimize energy usage in more efficient ways. This can bring large amounts of savings for corporations whilst contributing in environment impacts. We are equipped with different software suites in which simulation and predictions can be done easily.

Energy Efficiency Solutions:

Brits Energy helps enterprises find the best solution for their energy efficiency propose, deploy it throughout the business firm and finally operate, maintain and optimize to get the most out of it.

Distributed Generation:

We have a comprehensive portfolio of distributed and renewable energy generation equipment like CHPs. This portfolio covers the needs of small size up to large scale plants trying to fulfill all kinds of energy requirements in the firm.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Bringing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 is a target which is not achievable unless cars are fuelled by electricity. The number of electric vehicles is almost doubled each year from 2015 and this will keep growing by higher rates to meet the targets set ahead. Hence EV charging stations are required to be deployed wide-spread to get the cars on road. Considering the heavy burden an EV charger puts on the grid at a moment, distributed generation solutions will play a significant role in this regard.

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Micro Grid and Smart Grid

A microgrid is a small-scale power grid that can operate independently or collaboratively with other small power grids or even the main grid. Microgrids are typically supported by generators or renewable sources of energy. They are often used to provide backup power or supplement the main power grid during periods of heavy demand. Microgrids are also used to ensure a continues supply of energy for highly critical projects. The flow of power in most grids today is from the main grid to your homes but microgrids enable a multi- directional flow of power part from the main grid to your home, it enables flow from microgrids to both your home and back to the main grid.

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Cogeneration of electricity and heat is a concept looking after energy efficiency, and producing cheaper power whilst less CO2 emission. CHP can increase the efficiency up to 85% if designed for the appropriate power profile of the venue. Having all said in place, it results in fast ROI (less than 3 years in most of the use cases.) Brits Energy is offering CHP solutions in different sizes and various industries through the partnership with major vendors in the area.

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Energy trading platforms are a significant member of grid ecosystems. Brits Energy’s Chainergy is a state-of-art trading platform which is based on block chain technology providing a robust secure infrastructure for buyers and sellers. Peer-to-peer energy trading concept is one of disruptive trends up to 2030 and is a game changer in the industry which contributes for green power accessibility and security. We are also developing an innovative solution which is a complementary to this platform and automates P2P trading, autonomous and smart based on artificial intelligence.

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