P2P Energy Trading

Energy trading platforms are a significant member of grid ecosystems. Brits Energy’s Chainergy is a state-of-art trading platform which is based on block chain technology providing a robust secure infrastructure for buyers and sellers. Peer-to-peer energy trading concept is one of disruptive trends up to 2030 and is a game changer in the industry which contributes for green power accessibility and security. We are also developing an innovative solution which is a complementary to this platform and automates P2P trading, autonomous and smart based on artificial intelligence.

Smart VET

Smart VET is an agent which integrates with distributed power generation units as well as trading platforms and trades electricity based on the forecast it makes. It also enables any distributed power generating and storage system to be registered on blockchain based platform i.e Chainergy (being developed by Brits Energy) automatically via a proven secure methods. It consists of hardware which would communicate with units’ control system and have an agent (artificial intelligence-based algorithm) which would forecast the surplus supply based on behavioural analysis (premises energy profile), online condition monitoring, weather condition and trade it on the network for the best possible price.

Smart VET Benefits

Smart VET is the key enabling solution that would allow peer to peer based technologies to be implemented and consequently transform the electricity trading market. The main benefit of this transformation would be the mass deployment of distributed power generation and EV roll out as it will reduce the return on investment time for the asset by at least 25%. At the same time it will make renewable energy more accessible.