Turbo Green Burner

Access to reliable and cheap electricity has been a challenge in South Africa for a long time. Power intermittency affects the baking industry as well. Turbo Green Burner has been developed to produce flameless heat for use in bakeries while also generating electricity, which can be used within the bakery system or exported back to the electricity grid. The Turbo Green Burner features a digital burner management system to ensure more efficient fuel consumption and better reliability throughout the product service life. The fuel consumed to make electricity is significantly cheaper per unit than electricity purchased from the grid, leading to a reduction in both energy bills and carbon emissions. Turbo Green Burner has a low emission multi-fuel combustion chamber allowing it to run on natural gas, Diesel, Bio-Gas, LNG, and Kerosene, which will increase the adoption rate and eliminate the need for a specific fuel, subject to availability. An integrated battery pack and the capability to run on multiple types of fuel have made the product a completely grid-independent system. Being grid-independent makes it a solution for remote locations, providing power and heat to pave the way for performing industrial activities in locations with limited access to power and gas grid.

Turbo Green Burner Features :

Easy to operate

Low operating cost

Low exhaust emission

Low fuel consumption

Quiet and no vibrations

Generates 3.6 to 12 KW electricity

Available for natural gas / diesel / bio-gas / LNG / kerosin

Minimal infrastructure requirements

Technical Specifications

Conventional Generation vs CHP

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